Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I love travelling. It  excites me when I go out of my comfort zone. That was the main reason why I took up my course. I just find beauty, peace and a certain fulfillment when I go to different places and meet new people with diverse culture and personality. It makes me appreciate life more.  

Thailand was one of the most beautiful places I've been to. 
Took this photo way back  Feb 2012. 

It was a requirement for us to have atleast two tours (whether local or international) to be eligible  for graduation. 

Beautiful, beautiful Thailand 


I'd like to share to you guys my all time favorite arm parties. I love fashion and I must confess, I do some googling on what's the latest style trend. I cant help it I am a girl! Hahaha  Tho girly at heart, I try to mix it up a notch at times when I feel like it. 

So here it goes.

1. Skulls, Spikes, Cross & Multicolored Arm Parties

These are definitely a first on my list. I saw these amazing finds on instagram first, before I found out that they have a facebook account. I ordered these per piece at and then picked it up at the World Trade Bazaar (Manila, Philippines), since they have a booth there at that time. I have to say that I am one happy customer because the items are really fab in person just as how I saw it online. 

2. Anchor armband

3. Wing armband

This was given by a friend. 

Would you believe that number 2 and 3 can be found in Greenhills? Yes thats right. If any of you are wondering, the 'Greenhills' that I'm talking about, is in the Philippines! Okay so.... (insert my inner marketing skills here :P) Its a shopping destination where you could find basically anything, at a very cheap price. hashtag retail therapy Haha! So girls, if you're kikay but doesn't want to spend much, GH is the place to be! 

That's all for now :)

Ciao x

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I dedicate my first ever blog to my mommy. My mother is my source of strength. She’s someone I look up to. A strong woman who goes out of her way to provide everything for her children. I can’t even begin to tell you all the possible ‘raket’ she had done to give all our needs and wants. Never failing to make ends meet no matter what. I am very grateful to have her.  

 It was never easy being both a mom and a dad, and she was able to do that, for us. We may argue, fight and not agree on some things, but at the end of the day, I still love her. I love her with all my heart. I treasure her with every bit of my bone. I pray to God everyday that He guide her, as she's always out to sustain our daily living.

Thank you for your unlimited patience Mommy
don’t know what I’ll do without you
I love you 


Hello. Let me introduce myself. I am Mary Agdon, 21 years old. I am an International Studies graduate from San Beda College. I wanted to start a blog primarily to serve as my diary. My personal avenue to vent out my feelings on partially anything, may it be love, family, fashion, food, friends, career, dream, travel and/or party. It’s just easier when I write because I am able to say what I truly feel inside. Rather than bottling it all up, I scribble it down. Come follow me on my journey.
Love always, Mary x