Friday, January 29, 2016

Review: Pixy Lipsticks

Pixy Cosmetics is a known Japanese affordable make up brand that was launched in the Philippines last Aug 16. 

Review: Pixy Lipsticks
I am a self-confessed make up junkie so lipsticks are just some of the things I collect. I got these babies recently because my sister works in Mandom Philippines Corporation (who launched this oh-so Kawaii products) and they gave each employee a huge bag of these goodies last December '15. So needless to say, I got almost half of what she has, because my sister is so generous :)) 

I know it's kind of late because its been a while since I got hold of these, but I am just inlove with their shades, so lets start!!! 

Their lipsticks are classified into three: 
1.) SM- Silky Fit Semi Matte (with sweet Almond Oil) moisturizes your lips while giving it a still matte coverage

2.) M-Matte (this keeps lipstick intact & provides a bold-finished long lasting look)
3. S- Satin (very moisturizing and colors are well pigmented so it doesn't parch your lips ) 

Here are the swatches on my lips:  


Upper Photo:
•Earthly Beige (M)- looks brown but tends to go beige orange right after u put it. I love this!!

Lower Photo: 
•Autumn Apricot (S)- dark brown with a hint of dark orange tone. This is my favorite shade. Good for everyday use.


Upper Photo:
•Mesaki (SM)-tends to go light orange. It's a summer color but can be used everyday if you put it very lightly. 

Lower Photo: 
 •Nudy Kiss (M) -light nude, good for smokey eyes (Their bestseller)


• Cinnamon Twist (SM)-dark brown red (vampy red look) 

• Red Chili (SM) -bright red (good when you want to achieve that "sophisticated" look) 


• Puppy Love (S) -almost like a barbie type of pink

•Haruka (S)- tends to go on fuschia pink 

•Pink Smoothie (M)- tends to go pink peach (For everday use if you slightly dabbed it only) Love this shade!!  

FAVORITE: Autumn Apricot, Pink Smoothie (good for everyday use); Puppy Love, Earthly Beige & Cinnamon Twist. :) 

This can be bought in SM Department Stores and Watsons. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Review: Blk 513 - First Activated Charcoal Enhanced Frozen Yogurt

Manila is now serving the first ever "Activated Charcoal-Enhanced Frozen Yogurt". How unusual yet interesting. I first learned this through a friend who like me, loves to eat.
This ash grey colored infused charcoal fro-yo  has surprising benefits for your health. Made using only US premium, gluten free and all natural greek yogurt ingredients, this healthy dessert helps with anti-aging, bloating, detoxifying and even improves your heart!
Fascinating isn't it? 

So on the first week of January, I finallu tried this odd froyo (located at SM Megamall A, MAndaluyong 2/F) and these are what I had in it.

Crunch: Malt Chocolate Crunch (If you're looking for a fresh, unconventional kind of choice, go for this, honestly one of the best for me) 
Artisan Sauce: Milk Jam (Just like condensed milk but with more consistency & texture)
Fruits: Strawberry & Kiwi (my favorite ofcourse)
Cone or Cup: Cup
Price: 185php

Here's the picture:

-Smells like charcoal. I'm not kidding, but in a good kind of way.
-Doesn't look enticing to the eyes, but its extraordinary ashy grey color would intrigued you to buy it.
-Tastes surprisingly amazing. You know that "big eye reaction" you get from tasting something that doesn't exactly looks like it. That's how good it tastes. Its sour-y taste was just right enough and the texture dissolves gracefully in your mouth. 
-Price wise I think it's not a waste of money because it's big enough to make you feel full but not guilty (since its healthy for the body).

Would I buy it again?

Definitely!! I would actually list it on top of my favorites froyo's :)

Friday, January 15, 2016

Review: Tonymoly Shaking Tint Delight in #02 Shaking Red

The hype about oil based lip tints is incredibly on the rise because of its claim about "moisture". Make up brands all over the world (Like YSL & Etude House) have recently invented oil-based lip tints to make lips healthier. Compared to the usual water and cream lip tints that have been around for so long, they're known to last but makes lip chapped and dry.

My lips always tend to parch, whether its hot or cold outside, so I've been on a hunt to find the perfect lip tint that will keep it at bay. I have alot of lip tints but I feel like it's all a waste since whenever I use it, I end up always having cracked sore & rough lips due to its drying formula. But still, I love them because its doesn't eat your time when applying it & it looks far more natural compared to lipsticks.

Last December 2015, I went on to give it a try. During my travel in Hongkong & Macau, I decided to buy this TONYMOLY Shaking Tint Delight in the shade of #02 -Shaking Red, as I was so curious if it does live up to what it says.

Left Photo: (Before Using) You could see the red tint at the bottom, and the oil at the top. 

Right Photo: What it looks like after shaking the lip tint

What it looks like after applying.

How it looks with lip balm and/or moisturizing lipstick and then the Tonymoly lip tint carefully dabbed on the center of my lips


-Instantly felt its moisturizing effect on my lips right after applying it
-Dries fast after using it so there's no waiting time, settled well on lips  
-It's long staying, surprised it's still there after more than 24 hrs 
-Very handy, even without mirror; easy application when on the go; not messy to put on

-Tint wont stick on my upper lip, just on the lower side of my upper lip and bottom lip. Makes sense? You could actually see it on the 2nd lower collage picture above, that the tint stained there. Even if I used my hand to evenly dab it on the upper lip area, It did not stay. Kind of weird.  
(Maybe thats how they really made this.. so it would look like it's 'just-bitten-Iips' or I just- ate a-red -bazooka-candy -kind-of-lips hahaha)
-Hard to remove even if you use oil base make up remover. How ironic.
-My lips was already dry around an hour or 2 of applying it :( lips beginning to chap after 4hrs or so  (Maybe the cold weather of Macau added to my lips condition) 
-Leaves uneven weird stain at the end of the day that doesnt fade completely
-Stains your clothing and finger; hard to remove when you use them in dabbing instead of the plastic applicator
-Not available from where I live, which is in the Philippines but you could still order it online here

Overall, I would still use and repurchase this product, but I suggest you to apply lip balm or a moisturizing lipstick before using this lip tint. 

 I love how it's long lasting but hate that it its lack in moisture power is weak.  

I still recommend this product though if you dont have overly dry lips!!! I would give it 7/10 

Hoping this review helped you :)