Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Review: Blk 513 - First Activated Charcoal Enhanced Frozen Yogurt

Manila is now serving the first ever "Activated Charcoal-Enhanced Frozen Yogurt". How unusual yet interesting. I first learned this through a friend who like me, loves to eat.
This ash grey colored infused charcoal fro-yo  has surprising benefits for your health. Made using only US premium, gluten free and all natural greek yogurt ingredients, this healthy dessert helps with anti-aging, bloating, detoxifying and even improves your heart!
Fascinating isn't it? 

So on the first week of January, I finallu tried this odd froyo (located at SM Megamall A, MAndaluyong 2/F) and these are what I had in it.

Crunch: Malt Chocolate Crunch (If you're looking for a fresh, unconventional kind of choice, go for this, honestly one of the best for me) 
Artisan Sauce: Milk Jam (Just like condensed milk but with more consistency & texture)
Fruits: Strawberry & Kiwi (my favorite ofcourse)
Cone or Cup: Cup
Price: 185php

Here's the picture:

-Smells like charcoal. I'm not kidding, but in a good kind of way.
-Doesn't look enticing to the eyes, but its extraordinary ashy grey color would intrigued you to buy it.
-Tastes surprisingly amazing. You know that "big eye reaction" you get from tasting something that doesn't exactly looks like it. That's how good it tastes. Its sour-y taste was just right enough and the texture dissolves gracefully in your mouth. 
-Price wise I think it's not a waste of money because it's big enough to make you feel full but not guilty (since its healthy for the body).

Would I buy it again?

Definitely!! I would actually list it on top of my favorites froyo's :)

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