Thursday, February 6, 2014

Review: Kulpy Chicken at BF Homes, Paranaque

Finally back to blogging after 2 months! I apologize for not updating. Sooorrryyy! :(

Anyways, I wanted to share my review to you guys about this Kulpy Chicken Korean Restaurant at BF Homes Paranaque (Here in the Philippines), located in Aguirre Street, beside Carpe Diem Cafe. 

 My sister & I ate here weeks ago and I must say... their chicken is SOOOO GOOD! 

If you like spicy food like me... this is definitely a Must Try! Its been my favorite since then :) 

Their chicken has three flavors: Soy, Spicy and Super Spicy. 

I ordered their "SUPER SPICY KULPY CHICKEN" (see upper left pic) and I swear its more delicious than Bonchon or Flaming Wings!!!! 


My face, ears and throat throbbed... I was sooo red! That was a first, since I dont usually flush everytime I eat chilli food. My sister even laughed at me because of how I look. Haha! 

The DOWNSIDE: People are actually allowed to smoke inside although its air-conditioned. That was a DEFINITE No-no for me. 

Still, quality wise, their chicken is to die for! 
So spicy food lovers, 
Come and Drive out here!
You wont regret it ❤  

Thats all for now x

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